For Sale: Custom Packing Shaft Wrenches

Price:85.00 + Shipping

These wrenches were custom sized to fit both the packing nut and the locking nut on the Catalina 320. The locking nut is very slightly larger than the packing nut and these wrenches are sized to work for both without being too loose on the packing nut.

The wrenches are 3/8" Anodized Billet Aluminum and accept a standard 3/8" socket wrench in cases where more control or torque is required. Wrenches also include a storage Case. Optionally, we'll install snaps or a velcro patch on the case so that it can be conveniently stored in the shaft tunnel or elsewhere for quick access.

For more information:

email Jeff Hare:
or call: 603-490-9624

We also have a custom size sets made for the Catalina 355 factory packing nut.

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Jeffrey Hare   (Log in to send a message)
97 Lowell Road
Added: 06/18/19
Expires: 06/02/22

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