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Shaft Alignment Article and Spreadsheet

Technical Articles

Warren Updike located an article by Jack Harden to help boat owners align their engine and prop shaft with minimal fuss.

The PDF file of the article and a spreadsheet to assist with analyzing the measurements is available from the Download Files section.

The article is available here in PDF format.

The spreadsheet is available here in Microsoft Excel format.

The article is posted here without permission, so we may be required to remove it or obtain permission at some point.


Gerry Douglas Speaks at 2006 Meeting/Regatta

Technical Articles

Gerry Douglas is the designer of the Catalina 320 and the C320 MkII for Catalina Yachts. We were very fortunate that he was willing to take the time to come speak at the 2006 Catalina 320 International Association annual meeting and regatta held in Coronado, CA.

Here is an edited recording of him announcing and discussing the C320 MKII successor to our beloved C320.


  1. Gerry Announces the C320 MKII (15 min 42 seconds)


NOTE: This is a streaming .mp3 audio file. Most computers are configured to play this automatically. Contact the webmaster if you're unable to play it.


Technical Articles

Tag: pump upgrades

When I mentioned to Annie Bennett that I was going to install a seawater splashdown pump, she reminded me that a watering can was a much cheaper way to go! Although I know Annie to be absolutely right not only on the cost but also on the practicality of the watering can approach, I elected to install a splashdown pump and, along the way, learned more about the inner guts of Sea Shadow than I ever would have with a watering can. After running wiring for six cabin fans, the Snake River tank monitoring system to all 3 tanks, and now the splashdown pump, I believe that the only person who knows my boat (excluding the iron beast) better than I do now is the builder.

I divided the project into 5 stages:
  1. pump and strainer
  2. water intake
  3. running the hose
  4. electrical
  5. anchor well.

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Coolant Change Procedure for the Yanmar 3GM30FC

Technical Articles

Tag: yanmar

Changing the engine coolant in the Yanmar 3GM30F series Engine This article provides a set of directions for flushing the engine antifreeze in the Yanmar engine. It specifically addresses the Yanmar Japanese Yanmar 3GM, although this procedure should be the same for the European Yanmar 3GM as well. The newer 3YM series might be somewhat different.

Submitted by Karl Mielenhausen
"Silver Lining" - Hull 690


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Stern Mounted Radar Mast

Technical Articles

Here's an alternative to the Questus when you want to mount your radar antenna at a relatively low height – to see close boats. It has the disadvantage of not swiveling, so you will not see side views very well when heeling over under sail. On the other hand, if there is very heavy fog, I am usually motoring and not heeling. The radar mast was made by Custom Navigation Systems in Westbrook, CT.

Pete & Jennifer Peterson
Sea Chalet #815

Installing a Mast Mounted Repeater

Technical Articles

Here's a Raymarine ST60 Maxiview used as a mast-mounted repeater – so that I can see boat speed as I trim the sails. It also can display any other info that is available on your system - depth, wind speed, etc. The repeater mount was made by Custom Navigation Systems in Westbrook, CT.

Pete & Jennifer Peterson
Sea Chalet #815

Stern Mounted Radar Installation

Technical Articles

Stern Mount Radar installation -Catalina 320

Previously published in Mainsheet, Spring 2003 See Photos in Photo Gallery

Following is a description for the installation of a stern mounted Radar on the 320. I have included a list of what is needed to complete the job, along with some pictures. I will try to provide estimates of the time each step took. If you prepare everything you need in advance, this project can be completed in a day with 2 people. Like many projects, what seemed like a straightforward winter project turned into something of a challenge due to the need to alter some of the standard off the shelf parts for our boats. But if you follow these steps, it should be a straightforward project.

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Modifying the AFI Teak Cockpit Table

Technical Articles

AFI makes a really nice looking and affordable Cockpit Teak cockpit table that fits well in the C320.

The main problem I had with it was that it has a fold down leg supporting the table that is in the way when the table is being used and simply too easy to kick.

I've made some simple modifications to this table that eliminates the need for this folding leg, and included the important details in this article.

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