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Modifying the Maxwell VC500 Anchor Windlass

Technical Articles
While cruising in Canada we experienced some gale force winds and found that more chain and less rope was superior for comfort and piece of mind while at anchor. I found that the boat rode better, since the chain kept the her from "sailing", and in light air acts like an anchor with much shorter scope, since most of the chain will lie on the bottom. The down side of allchain is its weight and the fact that it collects mud. Whether you go forall chain or a combination, the rope only windlass will NOT handle the chain portion. The stock windlass can be easily modified to take both chain and rope.

Submitted By Roy Kraft - Sea Wings #187

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Improving the C320 Charging System - Approach 2

Technical Articles

John Langford's electrical upgrade discussed two options to improve the cruising capabilities of the Catalina 320. The first and least pricey was to modify the existing alternator to remove the internal regulator and add a smart" external regulator. This provided the boat with a nominal 160 amp-hour capability, assuming the second 4-D battery was dedicated to starting the engine and not used as a house battery. In actuality you then have between 50 and 80 amp hours available depending on how charged your house battery is and its "health". He also installed an ammeter/amp-hour meter to have the ability to determine the charging amperage to his batteries and the amp-hours lost while on the house bank at anchor or at a dock without shore power.

Roy Kraft, #187, "Sea Wings"

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Improving the C320 Charging System - Approach 1

Technical Articles
The Problem

The Cat320 has been built with a variety of engines but they all have inadequate charging systems. Unless you motor for hours each day, the combination of a small (55amp) alternator and an internal automobile-type regulator will not replace the amp-hours used daily to power the refrigerator and other 12 volt hogs that we want to tie into our electrical systems.

Submitted By John Langford - "Sabbatical2" #172

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Sailing Fast and Safe

Technical Articles
These suggestions were taken from the 320 and Catalina mailing lists. Those that are from the Catalina list may be of a more general nature (not 320 specific), but should also be helpful. I have tried to get permissions from authors of items I took from the Catalina list. If you have more information you would like to have included feel free to comment.

Contributed by: Linda Loux

Editor's note: The links here point to the old sailing FAQ. We'll fix that as some day... -Jeff Hare

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Catalina Yachts Interior Varnish & Application Notes

Technical Articles

Catalina Yachts Interior Varnish Application Data Sheet for Gloss (7100) & Satin (7200)

Catalina Interior Varnish is a water-based, alkyd modified urethane varnish that is designed for use on all interior and indirect exposure exterior wood components, soles and kit parts. Catalina Interior Varnish is non-flammable and cleans up with water. When cured, Catalina Interior Varnish will provide a durable coating ideal for refinishing and touch-up repairs.

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How to Convert the C320 Table into a Round One

Technical Articles

It just wasn't practical for us as it restricted use of the settee. So it was off to the local Home Center where we purchased a round ash table top that had a bevel cut into it. I then stained it using a one part polyurethane stain that matched the interior. I applied 4 coats to get the desired finish. Bev then used 3/4" hemp rope around the beveled edge to create a fiddle. I then installed the table on the original pedestal. The cost for the project was around $36.00. If anyone decides to change the table, they should make sure that all the corners are well rounded (never use one with squared corners).

Rick Hapeman, SnapShot, #95

Rig Tune and Sail Selection

Technical Articles

Mark Yeager
Quantum Sails-Dallas

A number of you have been in contact with me about how to tune a Catalina 320 and what sails
work and don't work on it. Since I'm probably the only sailmaker in the country who has actually
spent enough time on these boats to develop some comprehensive numbers for the boat I thought
I would put together a tuning guide for you. What follows is the result of quite a bit of on-the-
water experience on the 320, both racing and day-sailing over a long period of time. I have a
number of customers racing these boats successfully now.

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