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Bilge Pump sensor replacment

Technical Articles

Replacing the bilge pump sensor on a 2004, hull 1006

Total time: (1.5 to 2 hours depending on your comfort level with marine electrical systems)


My dock neighbors were reporting that my bilge pump was not shutting off after engaging.   After several calls it became aparent that my sensor was getting stuck, even after an attempt to clean it up.


Here is a quick overview on this very *easy* repair, and you do NOT need to drill any more holes in your bilge!!!!!



Tools and material required:

  • Long and thin(er) phillips head screw driver.
  • Wire cutter
  • Wire crimping tool
  • 2 Waterproof solderless butt connectors, 14 awg
  • Heat source (I used an aim and flame)
  • 1 Waterproof fuse, 14 awg (I got mine from West Marine, rubber yellow, with crimp connections.)
  • Fuse, 10 amp
  • Volt Ohm meter
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Testing Speed Transducer

Technical Articles

Tag: diagnostics electronics

Marine Transducers

How do I test an Airmar paddle-wheel speed sensor?
The speed function of our sensors is best tested using an oscilloscope, however a simple test may be performed using a digital or analog multimeter.  This article was written by the Airmar technical folks and is altered slightly to include more details.

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