Non-member specific photos covering various technical topics related to the Catalina 320.
  • Album: Reefing Line Rigging
  • Album: Anchor Windlass
  • Album: Starting Battery Schematics
  • Album: Vang & Gooseneck Problem
  • Album: Modified Charging System
  • Album: Rosebud Gets Hauled Out
  • Album: Generator
  • Album: Chart Table Lid-Support
  • Album: Gori Prop Install
  • Album: Furling Line Mods
  • Album: Anchor Locker
  • Album: Autostream Prop Installation
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This is a picture of the end of the exhaust hose on a C34 where the hose enters the Aqua Lift muffler. The theory is that the "bubble" at the end of the hose absorbs the shock of the engine moving on its mounts that otherwise would be transferr
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