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1. Connecting An Anchor Washdown
Tag: pump water upgrades Prior to our extended Chesapeake cruise last year, I installed an anchor Washdown largely based on the experiences and recommendations of Allan Field, Sea Shadow, #808. His project can be seen at At ...
by Allan S. Field on 12/31 05:31PM - Story - 3,171 Hits
2. Accidental Jibe Preventer - Rigging a Boom Preventer
Tag: rigging sails upgrades According to Wikipedia, “A preventer, or jibe-guard, is a mechanical device on a sailing vessel which limits the boom's ability to swing dangerously across the boat during an accidental jibe. The uncontrolled jibe (or gybe) is feared by all sensible ...
by Allan S. Field on 12/31 05:23PM - Story - 5,777 Hits
3. Acu Gage Ultra 8 Tank Monitoring System Install
I installed the Acu Gage Ultra 8 tank monitoring system and wanted to share what I think may have been a unique way of installing on the forward water tank, plus other things learned.
by Allan S. Field on 03/20 03:40PM - Story - 17,792 Hits