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1. Upgrade to a Larger Holding Tank
Tag: head upgrades This spring, we replaced our factory 12 gal.tank with a 22 gal. Ronco B348 tank, the same model now used by the factory on newer C320’s. Why do this? We are cruisers. We like to anchor or moor rather than take a slip. ...
by Warren Updike on 12/31 05:29PM - Story - 2,700 Hits
2. Bilge Backflow Preventer
Tag: bilge Frustrated by the bilge partially refilling after the pump stops? Adding a check valve on the pressure side of the pump can help reduce the “backwash”. See the photo. (Many boaters believe that check valves are not favored in bilge pump systems. They reduce ...
by Warren Updike on 12/31 05:25PM - Story - 2,327 Hits
3. Rebeding Chain Plates (Burti, Updike)
Tag: exterior maintenance By: Chris Burti Updated by March 2015 This article is based on using a polysulfide type of bedding compound. I prefer to stick ...
by Warren Updike on 10/30 10:48AM - Story - 2,982 Hits
4. Flushing the Holding Tank
Tag: head For what it's worth, here is the recipe we've been using for flushing the holding tank for winter lay-up. We think it is very effective as the last flush is quite clear. Holding Tank Recipe Ingredients: ...
by Warren Updike on 01/17 08:56PM - Story - 1,488 Hits
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196. Another genoa reefing cleating option and re-routed mainsheet traveler cleat. The closer to a 180 degree wrap on the Hexaratchets the better for them to gain enough friction to help take the pressure off whatever cleating method you use.
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