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1. Holding Tank Monitor
After 3 years sailing Silver Lining, including some extended trips, I finally got around to installing something we’ve always wanted – a holding tank monitor. Normally, I would have not considered an internal, float-style system, but the WEMA kit received high marks on a recent Practical Sailor magazine test. So ...
by Karl Mielenhausen on 12/31 05:46PM - Story - 4,070 Hits
2. Overheating Engine
Tag: engine An overheating diesel is usually the result of one of three conditions: either the engine is working harder than normal (possibly due to a clogged or defective injector), the supply of cooling water has been reduced, or the thermostat is failing to ...
by Karl Mielenhausen on 12/31 05:22PM - Story - 3,480 Hits
3. Reducing Icebox Volume
Tag: upgrades galley One of the many modifications we have made to Tradewind, hull number 626, is to reduce the interior volume of the icebox using removable pieces of foam. On previous boats we were accustomed to using an ice chest and rowing ashore ...
by Karl Mielenhausen on 12/31 05:06PM - Story - 2,626 Hits
4. Repairing the Aqualift Muffler
Tag: engine upgrades The Aqualift muffler on Silver Lining recently developed a leak due to a crack in the underside of the base. Unfortunately, this appears to be a problem that has affected a large percentage of our owners, so ...
by Karl Mielenhausen on 12/31 05:04PM - Story - 4,659 Hits
5. Head Maintenance
Tag: head maintenance There has been a lot of discussion recently about replacing the marine toilet. Several members have taken the advice of others (including testing recently conducted by Practical Sailor magazine) and are replacing the Jabsco Compact unit with the higher rated, and ...
by Karl Mielenhausen on 12/31 04:58PM - Story - 3,094 Hits
6. Shake, Rattle, and Roll
Tag: diagnostics engine prop Here’s an interesting story but not a good example of the usually good troubleshooting skills I pride myself on having... The last couple of times I've been out, I noticed a sort of rattling under power but ...
by Karl Mielenhausen on 12/31 04:45PM - Story - 2,930 Hits
7. Winterization Tips
Whether you winterize your Catalina 320 yourself or have your boatyard do it, the following can serve as a guideline for the work that should be accomplished. Remember that the primary objective is to prepare your boat for the possibility ...
by Karl Mielenhausen on 09/15 04:56PM - Story - 4,328 Hits
8. Lubricating the Head Pump
Tag: head pump On, Isle of Wight , we would often have a problem with the Jabsco plunger screeching and being difficult to pump. It just so happens that when the boat was delivered, we found a crack ...
by Karl Mielenhausen on 07/20 09:39PM - Story - 4,166 Hits
9. 2010 Board Meeting Minutes
MEMBERSHIP MEETING MINUTES DATE, TIME AND PLACE Saturday, October 9, 2010 – 5:15 PM – Lowes Hotel, Annapolis, Maryland
by Karl Mielenhausen on 10/25 07:55AM - Story - 3,450 Hits
10. Clogged Exhaust Elbow on Perkins M30
If you happen to have a Perkins M30 diesel in your 320 and you idle the engine to charge your batteries, you risk building up carbon deposits in the cast iron exhaust elbow at the rear of the engine where the raw water mixes with the engine exhaust on its ...
by Karl Mielenhausen on 01/17 08:08PM - Story - 2,548 Hits
11. What Color Is Your Exhaust?
The color and quantity of exhaust smoke tells a great deal about the condition of a marine diesel engine. All marine engines create smoke to some extent, but if the diesel engine is in good condition, the quantity will almost be invisible. Defects that affect the fuel, breathing or compression ...
by Karl Mielenhausen on 12/12 04:16PM - Story - 5,869 Hits
12. Link to Catalina 320 Info
Here is a link to more Catalina 320 technical info.... Click here
by Karl Mielenhausen on 12/11 01:04PM - Story - 2,839 Hits
13. Steering Cable Failure
A failure of the steering cable was reported by Ken Danko on hull 802 on 12 October 2008. Conditions at the time were choppy seas and 25 kt winds. Ken's assessment and photos are captured below, along with responses by Gerry Douglas (Catalina Yachts) and Ed Siess (Edson). ...
by Karl Mielenhausen on 10/24 10:52PM - Story - 10,202 Hits
14. Winterization Tips
Originally published in the November 2007 Mainsheet
by Karl Mielenhausen on 10/10 12:02PM - Story - 3,717 Hits
15. C320IA Logo'd Merchandise
Posted for Allan Field. News Flash!!! C320IA logo'd merchandise is now available through Lands' End.
by Karl Mielenhausen on 11/30 07:04PM - Story - 4,852 Hits
16. Travel Shackle Failure
We recently experienced an accidental, but not particularly violent, jibe on Silver Lining, a model 2000 Catalina 320. Surprisingly, the traveler shackle fractured in 2 places.
by Karl Mielenhausen on 11/30 04:32PM - Story - 4,600 Hits