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In order to make this website easier to access and more friendly, here are a few tips.
  1. The passwords generated by this website if you forget yours, or just created a new account are not what I'd really consider friendly and easy to remember, you should visit the Account Information and enter a new password. Enter it carefully because it matters whether you use upper or lower case letters. Pick something you can remember but others can't easily guess.
  2. Also feel free to fill in any information you want people to know about you ie: boat name, etc. in the "Bio" section.".
  3. If you have a small picture you'd like to attach of yourself, family, etc.., you can do this in the "Account Information" section as well. The website will take care of resizing and compressing it for the web. This will be show up in your profile and also as a small Camera Icon next to your name in the who's online block. Feel free to change it from time to time by simply attaching a new photo. The old one automatically replaced by the new photo.
  4. If you don't like to have to login each time you visit from your personal computer, you can also change the Remember Me setting to something like 1 Month in the Account Information area and you'll be automatically logged in from this computer for up to one month, until you Log Out of the website, or delete stored browser cookies from your computer.
  5. PLEASE keep your email address current in Account Information at all times. This is where the website will send information to you in the event you lose your password. This email address is not exposed directly to any members on this website. Please report any instances where you see your email address listed explicitly and we'll see that it gets hidden or removed.

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