To renew your membership, you will login to our Wild Apricot/Personify membership management website. This is a separate website from

Enter your email address into this page:
C320IA Membership Management User Login

The password for this membership management page is NOT the same as your password. So assuming you have never logged into our membership management system before (which will be the case for many of you) click the "forgot password" link. A password will be mailed to the email address you entered. Return to this page and login using your email and this password. Once logged in, the bottom right corner of the displayed page will have a link to renew your membership if your membership is due for renewal. If you are not due for renewal yet, scroll down to check the date that your renewal will be due.

Your membership record in C320IA includes your email address. Those of you with multiple email addresses may not know which one is associated with your C320IA membership record. If you attempt this "forgot password" and the system doesn't recognize the email address you entered (Error warning: Email not found), then you are in our system with a different email. In that case, email me at and I'll reply with the email address that our system is expecting. If the email address we have on file is no longer usable, email me and I'll change your record to your active email address and issue a password reset from my end.

Bill Culbertson
C320IA Secretary/Treasurer
Harmony #859

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