Non-member specific photos covering various technical topics related to the Catalina 320.
  • Album: Engine Cover Insulation
  • Album: Reefing block inside boom
  • Album: Garhauer Backstay Adjuster
  • Album: Backstay Adjuster
  • Album: Head Upgrade
  • Album: Upgrading Bow Roller
  • Album: Euro-Yanmar Impeller
  • Album: Fire Extinguishers
  • Album: Water Pressure Expansion Tank
  • Album: Keel Comparison
  • Album: Adjustable Genoa Cars
  • Album: Outboard Storage
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forgot to snap on other end of the dingy bridle (red line hanging into water). kinda fun next morning at dawn climbing over and outside the swim ladder while underway single handed to re-attach it!
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