Catalina 320 Hull History and Design Changes


The C320 has evolved greatly since its introduction in 1993. This table attempts to capture as much

information about where and what changes were made along the way. It is quite incomplete at this point

but will improve over time if owners contribute data.


If you own a C320 and can provide details about your hull, model year, and any other info that will help

paint a more complete picture, please feel free to send your information to the webmaster. Specifically,

we don't know which hull numbers belong to which model year, unique features or problems you've had

fixed, etc.

Year    Hull #s       Comments

1993     1-18          Model Introduced. List price ~$60k. Perkins M30 Engine. Shallow gridpan Bilge.

1994     19?-166?   Perkins M30 Engine. Shallow gridpan Bilge

1995     174-255?   Hull Number Range not complete 181 Perkins M30 Engine. Shallow gridpan Bilge

      227     Perkins M30 Engine. Shallow gridpan Bilge

      238     Perkins M30 Engine.

      246     Westerbeke 29B Engine. Deeper Bilge, better draining weep-holes, 7” more draft (4'10”)


1996     303?-384?   Hull Number Range not complete

      303       Westerbeke 29B Engine

      317       Westerbeke 30B-3 Engine

      327       Westerbeke ?? Engine

      328       Yanmar 3GM30F Engine

      331       Westerbeke ?? Engine

      390       Yanmar 3GM30F Engine

1997     448?-468?    Stern seats bumped out, cupholders added

      404       Bad vinylester, factory repaired. Total 3 boats

      ~446?   V-berth Bulkhead cutouts eliminated

      447       V-berth Bulkhead cutouts eliminated, Yanmar 3GM30F Japanese Engine, Old Instrument

                   Pod, 1-2-Both Switch (old electrical panel)

1998     488?-558?   Head redesigned - one mirror eliminated, cabinet smaller, shelf larger, fiddle added

      488       Yanmar 3GM30F Engine. Small aft access panel. Battery switch on starboard wall

      492       Yanmar, no escape hatch, old elect panel w/ 1-2-Both switch. At some point, galvanic isolation added.

1999     493?-675?    Change to surface mount galley sink (was undermount); Aft Cabin Escape Hatch (after 492, before 592) incls 592, 675

      621        Has Yanmar Euro 3GM30F engine, new electrical panel, old instrument pod

      675        Improved Inst. Pod

2000            676

                    687?-772?     In-mast Furling option available

      688        Has dark blue canvas, oval shape ports, molded seats on stern platform, toe rails extended

                    futher back than earlier models, upgraded main traveler (2000 model) Euro Yanmar

      690        Japanese Yanmar

      692        Euro Yanmar

      772        Yanmar 3GM30F-Japan-Wing Keel

2001     7?? - ???

      808        Built in 2000 - Japanese 3GM30F - Wing Keel

      809        Built in 2000 - Japanese 3GM30F - Wing Keel

      847        Keel recast back to 4'4” draft (using 310 keel)

2002     859?-???

      859        Built in June 2001 and is 2002 model year. I believe this HID is near the model year

                    changeover. Bronze prop shaft and traditional stuffing box

      914         known to be a 2002

2003     ???-???         Change to SS prop shafts and dripless packing?

      992         known to be a 2003

2004      ???-???         Innerspring mattress becomes std equip. Change from ProMariner to Charles chargers?

2005      ???-???         Changed to Yanmar 3YM30

      1035        Yanmar 3YM30 Engine

2006      ???-1097

      1104?        Mfg at FL plant Mk II (Introduced Oct. 2006: Numerous changes: New deck mold, more headroom,

                      new AC and DC panels (non-opening), galley sink splash guard, 2nd hanging locker, different cabin

                     opening hatch configuration, shoebox joint and rubrail carried around transom. Enlarged V-berth

                      (smaller anchor locker), ball & socket for rig loads (no chainplates). Deck liner extends length of

                      boat and has A/C ducts. Water increased to 51gal. Has 3YM 29hp Yanmar

2007     1098-???

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