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Top Ten Links

  • Catalina Yachts (3,721)
    Catalina's Home Page

  • Rocna Anchors - New generation fast set ultra high hold marine anchors (3,112)
    The choice of a Rocna is becoming recognized as a cruising yacht's ideal anchoring solution. This New Zealand developed a "new generation" boat anchor comes in sizes from 4Kg to 110Kg. Detailed information available at website.
  • C320 Logos (3,072)
    A torn/shredded logo on a sailcover can make the most beautiful boat look a bit tattered.

    Now a replacement logo is available for your C320 - as well as decals for your vehicle, house, briefcase, your child's jacket - even your child!!

    Standard and Custom Catalina Logos are now available for application to your new sail/pedestal covers or as replacement logos for existing covers. For product descriptions, pictures, and complete pricing info, go to:

    Although the C30 logo is featured, I can and do ALL size Catalinas. Please feel free to contact me with any questions.

    Mark Taylor - '75 C30 #17

    Standard & Custom Catalina Logos,

  • Yanmar Engine Help & Information (2,887)
    For those sailors with Yanmar engines, this web site may prove helpful.

    Posted on behalf of CaptB

  • KIWI ANCHOR RIDER anchor weights (2,498)
    Anchor weights reduce dragging risk. They almost double holding power of anchor and reduce working load by 50%. Act as a spring to reduce all sudden boat movement, reduce swing by up to 50%
  • Cruising Around the World (2,497)
    This is a great website tracking the stories, and adventures of a California couple taking the next few years to cruise the world.

    While it's not about a Catalina 320, it's still full of great journals, pictures and information about their ongoing trip.

  • TransAtlantic Diesels (2,493)
    Perkins marine diesel engines have been our specialty for over 30 years at Trans Atlantic Diesels and our staff is equipped with the knowledge to help you.
  • Garhauer Marine Hardware New Zealand (2,269)
    Garhauer Marine Hardware New Zealand. Now you can replace gear or buy Garhauer top of the line stainless steel marine hardware in New Zealand. We have a comprehensive stock of yacht blocks, genoa cars, lifting davits, stanchion blocks and can order custom made rigid boom vangs or mainsheet travellers.

    All Garhauer gear comes with Garhauer USA'S 10 yr guarantee to original purchaser.

  • Bomar Hatch parts (pompanette company) (2,099)
    The Website for locating BOWMAR Hatch parts
  • Foley Engines (1,574)
    Foley Engines is the oldest distributor in North America. Founded in 1916, we are a family owned, three generation business specializing in marine and industrial engines, replacement parts, marine transmissions, industrial power takeoffs, and exhaust scrubbers/purifiers. To support our customers, we stock over 600 engines and 20,000 square feet of parts and offer immediate, same-day shipment anywhere in the world.