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  • KIWI ANCHOR RIDER anchor weights (1,691)
    Anchor weights reduce dragging risk. They almost double holding power of anchor and reduce working load by 50%. Act as a spring to reduce all sudden boat movement, reduce swing by up to 50%
  • Rocna Anchors - New generation fast set ultra high hold marine anchors (1,304)
    The choice of a Rocna is becoming recognized as a cruising yacht's ideal anchoring solution. This New Zealand developed a "new generation" boat anchor comes in sizes from 4Kg to 110Kg. Detailed information available at website.
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New Terminal Board where the Shunt, Fuse and Parallel charging solonoid were mounted. This is before all the low power wiring was attached. The 250 Amp House bank protection Fuse is on the far right. The 400Amp current measuring Shunt is in the center, an
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