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Questions arise on how to filter the potable water carried by our vessels. Warren Updike, Warr De Mar, #62 writes:

On our boat the Jabsco water pump has a plastic housing on the input side with a small screen inside. This is not a filter, per se, as it is simply intended to protect the pump from particles large enough to damage the impeller. This pump is located under the port settee where one water tank is located in our early version of the C-320.

I installed a separate filter between the pump and the tanks. I used a Pentek 158002 Blue/Black 3/8" Filter Housing with a CBC-5 carbon black water filter. This filter is the same size as the Culligan C-2 very popular in the RV trade. The carbon black filter is the key here, use no other. The result is that the water from the taps is very drinkable with virtually no "tank" taste. Even if you add chlorine to your water tanks this filter will remove the chlorine taste. I bought all this from Be sure to buy the separate mounting bracket and filter wrench too.

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Sorry to say that I found the CB-5 filter too restrictive in that my old 3+ lbs/in2 pump was not able to maintain an adequate flow against the resistance of the CB filter.  I went back to the C-2 std. filter.  I've since learned that some owners have installed a separate faucet in the galley sink on a separate filter for drinking/cooking.  Not a bad idea.

C320 #62 1994 "WARR DE MAR"
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