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We’d arrive at the boat at night, we’d find ourselves stumbling around looking for a flashlight and trying to find the light switches. My solution was to install two red LED fixtures (ABI - 471124). One is located behind the companionway stairs and the other is located over the circuit breaker panel, shining down to illuminate the switches. I used a spare position on the panel and installed a 5A breaker in order to have a way to easily switch the fixtures on and off. The fixture behind the stairs was easily recessed into the bulkhead; the one above the panel needed to be surface mounted, requiring the fabrication of a mounting block. An unexpected benefit has been in using these lights while anchoring out. They make a great “nightlite”, drawing little current (60mA total), yet providing enough light to move about the cabin. Putting one more fixture in the head compartment (the usual late night destination) will make this installation complete.

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