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Several of our owners have come to the conclusion that the factory-supplied trash can location (under the galley sink) is woefully inadequate for anything more than daysailing or for storing your cleaning supplies. Three alternatives have been suggested, each of which offers a larger container with improved access. Several owners have an under the nav table arrangement. Orlando Duran (Cuba Libre 2 #112) suggests placing the trash can (13L size) under the nav table, installing a couple of hooks and running some shock cord around the can...out of site, out of mind. Joe Barrett (Island Time #689) suggests using a couple of suction cups instead of the hooks. Pat Moriarty (Sexual Heeling #130) made a beautiful, slide out cabinet for under the nav table (see photo).

Also suggested is the behind the stairs alternative. Jon Vez (Solstice #582 ) found that a larger Rubbermaid trash can that fits the 'large size' trash bags fits perfectly between the forward engine cowling and the companionway steps. It is just snug enough to keep it in place while heeled and exposed enough to toss things in from the cockpit. Adam Weiner (Kele #218) has a variation on this approach and has a can on top of the stored hatch boards. To hold the can in place he cut and sanded a piece of teak into a nice shape, screwed the teak piece into the teak bar above the ladder and pivots this piece over the lip of the trash can. The big advantage of this set up is that it is accessible to the cockpit AND the galley.

Lastly, Bruce Stanley (and others) have attached a small trash bin to the inside of the galley, undersink, door (very handy for scraping plates) and then they move the trash into a larger bin located in the port lazarette (at the stern) where they also separate out and store recyclables.

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