Gerry Douglas Speaks at 2006 Meeting/Regatta

Gerry Douglas is the designer of the Catalina 320 and the C320 MkII for Catalina Yachts. We were very fortunate that he was willing to take the time to come speak at the 2006 Catalina 320 International Association annual meeting and regatta held in Coronado, CA.

Here is an edited recording of him announcing and discussing the C320 MKII successor to our beloved C320.


  1. Gerry Announces the C320 MKII (15 min 42 seconds)


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Ralph Lombardo

Tuesday, November 14 2006 @ 12:45 AM EST
Here is a like to some pictures of the boat in the Annapolis Boat show (2nd one out of the mold, #1099).

Also note on thie linke there is a list of changes that have been identified so far.
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