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We recently experienced an accidental, but not particularly violent, jibe on Silver Lining, a model 2000 Catalina 320. 

Surprisingly, the traveler shackle fractured in 2 places.

I had been reading about similar problems on the Catalina 380 discussion list, so I emailed Garhauer with a picture.


Susan Felgenhauer quickly replied and sent me a replacement and instructions. She indicated that they were only aware of a few failures on our boats. From what I gathered from the C380 list, if your shackle does not have HR stamped on its side, it may be suspect.

It's great to have a Catalina supplier stand behind their product after 12 years of use.

If you feel your boat may be affected, contact Susan at:

Susan Felgenhauer
Garhauer Marine
1082 W. 9th St
Upland, CA 91786

909/946-3913 fax


by Karl Mielenhausen

Moved up to the C320 from a Catalina 22. We purchased Hull 690 in Sept 2005. I am a retired Quality Assurance Engineer (Eastman Kodak Co.). My wife, Elaine, and I relocated from Pittsford, NY to New Bern, NC in March 2005.

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