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What is important to remember is that you are actually cleaning and polishing the finish, not the underlying wood. For us, that means the cured Target Coatings Oxford II water based acrylic lacquer or, more recently, the 7000 series HybriVar WB, which offers more clarity and chemical resistance. So put away the oil soap or lemon oil and use plain old window cleaner. High pH cleaners (ex. 409) can dull the finish over time. If you’re trying to remove fine scratches, Target Coatings recommends 3M Finesse. I’ve had some good luck using a paste polishing compound designed for automobile clearcoat finishes. It has given the sole on Silver Lining some additional luster and richness – just don’t overdo it and make it too slippery. Also, never use any wax or silicone-based products.


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