Non-member specific photos covering various technical topics related to the Catalina 320.
  • Album: Engine Pedestal
  • Album: Forestay Stem Fitting Failure
  • Album: Exhaust Elbow
  • Album: 12 volts in stantions and rail!
  • Album: Bilge pump sensor replacement
  • Album: Catalina Yachts Strut Repair
  • Album: 35lb Manson Supreme
  • Album: Traveler Controls
  • Album: C320 Sling Points
  • Album: Winch Maintenance Photos
  • Album: Roller Furling
  • Album: Rocna Anchor
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6 - pin holding the gears. Remove the pins and then the gears. The gears come out as units of two each. The gear with the 'pawls' fits into the larger gear. Place these in the cleaning bucket before you separate them. The tiny springs that assist the pawl
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