Non-member specific photos covering various technical topics related to the Catalina 320.
  • Album: Passing lines through rope clutches
  • Album: Ocean Marine Davits
  • Album: MidShip Cleats
  • Album: Mast Step Blocks
  • Album: Mainsheet Leads to cockpit
  • Album: Leather Helm
  • Album: C320 Article from Sail Magazine March 2008
  • Album: Interior changes on En Passant
  • Album: Hatch Boards
  • Album: Fluxgate location
  • Album: Dinghy Davits
  • Album: Companionway Doors
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Stove cover storedThe cover hangs securely on this edge, and doesn't interfere with the propane hose.There's plenty of space between the stove and the board, so it's safe to leave there when cooking.
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