New Terminal Board where the Shunt, Fuse and Parallel charging solonoid were mounted. This is before all the low power wiring was attached. The 250 Amp House bank protection Fuse is on the far right. The 400Amp current measuring Shunt is in the center, an
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Monday, April 22 2002 @ 09:19 PM EDT
Uploaded By: Jeffrey Hare  


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Media ID 20081116153647796  
Date Monday, April 22 2002 @ 09:19 PM EDT
Comments 3
Views 3120
Uploaded By Jeffrey Hare
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can you tell me where the secand red cable by the alltech charger is going to one is going to the battery and the other one? h.boeren nederland
What? No protective covers/caps on the pos. terminal posts.
This was a temporary setup board. The solenoid is now a Blue Sea ACR, and the terminal on the far left is covered. The rest of what you see here is all on the Ground bus and doesn't need to be covered, but could have a plexi shield mounted over it.

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View of battery current sensor (shunt) assembly. Had to remove all negative leads from each battery and add a #2 black battery wire from each battery negative to shunt assembly and move all other battery negatives to lower connection on shunt assembly. It
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