Reefing Block on Main.
The block is a 57mm Harkin Carbo Airblock. PN:2600. It is attached to a Suncor 1.25" Welded SS Ring SUNCOR PN: C0139-0630.
The forward reefing setup is virtually the same. The grommet (cringle) for the forward reef point is much smaller than the aft one. Instead of using a welded ring, it was more than enough to poke a loop of genoa sheet line through and knot it on the back side. No chance the knot would pull through as the two ends fo the rope itself barely fit through the cringle. The block just hangs on the short loop of line.

Super easy to reef, and even easier to shake out a reef since there is very little resistence now.

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Thursday, July 27 2006 @ 03:46 PM EDT
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Date Thursday, July 27 2006 @ 03:46 PM EDT
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Uploaded By Jeffrey Hare
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