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1. Stern Mounted Radar Mast
Here's an alternative to the Questus when you want to mount your radar antenna at a relatively low height – to see close boats. It has the disadvantage of not swiveling, so you will not see side views very well when heeling over under sail. On the other ...
by Pete & Jennifer Peterson on 02/12 02:52PM - Story - 4,009 Hits
2. Installing a Mast Mounted Repeater
Here's a Raymarine ST60 Maxiview used as a mast-mounted repeater – so that I can see boat speed as I trim the sails. It also can display any other info that is available on your system - depth, wind speed, etc. The repeater mount was made by Custom ...
by Pete & Jennifer Peterson on 02/12 02:42PM - Story - 4,934 Hits
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