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31. Yanmar Shifting Problems
Tag: yanmar diagnostics transmission Several C-320 IA members have been experiencing shifting difficulties with the KM2 transmission on the Yanmar 3GM engine. A marina neighbor experienced the same problem with the same engine in his Hunter 34, so we did some research on the ...
by Jeffrey Hare on 01/10 08:27PM - Story - 11,167 Hits
32. Shaft Alignment Article and Spreadsheet
Warren Updike located an article by Jack Harden to help boat owners align their engine and prop shaft with minimal fuss. The PDF file of the article and a spreadsheet to assist with analyzing the measurements is available from the Download Files section. The ...
by Jeffrey Hare on 05/31 03:22PM - Story - 4,330 Hits
33. Gerry Douglas Speaks at 2006 Meeting/Regatta
Gerry Douglas is the designer of the Catalina 320 and the C320 MkII for Catalina Yachts. We were very fortunate that he was willing to take the time to come speak at the 2006 Catalina 320 International Association annual meeting and regatta held in Coronado, CA. Here ...
by Jeffrey Hare on 10/10 12:07PM - Story - 4,881 Hits
Tag: engine By Russell Monaco I snapped the end of the "teleflex" cable (the cable from the helm to the transmission shift lever on the transmission), while away and had to do real MacGyver job to get the helm to control ...
by Jeffrey Hare on 06/08 12:51AM - Story - 7,712 Hits
Tag: pump upgrades When I mentioned to Annie Bennett that I was going to install a seawater splashdown pump, she reminded me that a watering can was a much cheaper way to go! Although I know Annie to be absolutely right not only on ...
by Jeffrey Hare on 06/06 02:21AM - Story - 8,249 Hits
36. Single-handed Circumnavigation of the World
Tag: adventures by Patrick Childress The great solar radiator brightened the horizon and warmed the cabin. I took off the oil skins, no longer needed for their warmth, and collapsed in the bunk. As the sun rose higher, the wind died, ...
by Jeffrey Hare on 05/19 08:24PM - Story - 10,662 Hits
37. The Big Step
Tag: adventures by Patrick Childress A singlehander sets off aboard his modified Catalina 27 for a non-stop crossing of the Indian Ocean. The tumble of propellers and thump of heavy engines woke me with a ...
by Jeffrey Hare on 05/19 08:17PM - Story - 7,242 Hits
38. The Voyage of Easy Street
Tag: adventures By George F. McCanless, Jr. (reproduced with permission of Mainsheet, the Catalina and Capri Owners Magazine) Webmasters Note: This is an excerpt of an excellent article George submitted. Please contact me if you would like an unedited copy. It ...
by Jeffrey Hare on 05/12 12:00AM - Story - 4,824 Hits
39. Huron & Michigan Lakes Trip
Tag: adventures By Tom and Sheryl Young, Forever Young, #660 (reproduced with permission of Mainsheet, the Catalina and Capri Owners Magazine) My wife and I just completed a 1200 NM trip on Lakes Huron and Michigan. It was a great trip ...
by Jeffrey Hare on 05/11 11:57PM - Story - 4,543 Hits
40. Coolant Change Procedure for the Yanmar 3GM30FC
Tag: yanmar Changing the engine coolant in the Yanmar 3GM30F series Engine This article provides a set of directions for flushing the engine antifreeze in the Yanmar engine. It specifically addresses the Yanmar Japanese Yanmar 3GM, although this procedure should be the ...
by Jeffrey Hare on 02/12 06:16PM - Story - 27,495 Hits
41. Modifying the AFI Teak Cockpit Table
AFI makes a really nice looking and affordable Cockpit Teak cockpit table that fits well in the C320. The main problem I had with it was that it has a fold down leg supporting the table that is in ...
by Jeffrey Hare on 05/22 12:33AM - Story - 6,713 Hits
42. Modifying the Maxwell VC500 Anchor Windlass
While cruising in Canada we experienced some gale force winds and found that more chain and less rope was superior for comfort and piece of mind while at anchor. I found that the boat rode better, since the chain kept the her from "sailing", and in light air ...
by Jeffrey Hare on 03/12 03:32PM - Story - 10,120 Hits
43. Improving the C320 Charging System - Approach 2
John Langford's electrical upgrade discussed two options to improve the cruising capabilities of the Catalina 320. The first and least pricey was to modify the existing alternator to remove the internal regulator and add a smart" external regulator. This provided the boat with a nominal 160 amp-hour capability, ...
by Jeffrey Hare on 03/12 03:18PM - Story - 6,064 Hits
44. Improving the C320 Charging System - Approach 1
The Problem The Cat320 has been built with a variety of engines but they all have inadequate charging systems. Unless you motor for hours each day, the combination of a small (55amp) alternator and an internal automobile-type regulator will not replace the amp-hours used daily to power the refrigerator and ...
by Jeffrey Hare on 03/12 03:10PM - Story - 6,682 Hits
45. Lighting upgrade for early Catalina 320s - Approach 2
A great project for those with failing eyesight, an interest in energy efficiency and a limited budget. John Langford, Sabbatical2 - #172
by Jeffrey Hare on 03/12 03:07PM - Story - 5,023 Hits
46. Lighting upgrade for early Catalina 320s - Approach 1
I completed the installation of Halogen lights in Hull #179. I will provide the benefit of my work. Ray Stone, Pro Tem Duo, #179
by Jeffrey Hare on 03/12 03:01PM - Story - 4,677 Hits
47. Sailing Fast and Safe
These suggestions were taken from the 320 and Catalina mailing lists. Those that are from the Catalina list may be of a more general nature (not 320 specific), but should also be helpful. I have tried to get permissions from authors of items I took from the Catalina list. If ...
by Jeffrey Hare on 03/12 02:55PM - Story - 14,925 Hits
48. Catalina Yachts Interior Varnish & Application Notes
Catalina Yachts Interior Varnish Application Data Sheet for Gloss (7100) & Satin (7200) Catalina Interior Varnish is a water-based, alkyd modified urethane varnish that is designed for use on all interior and indirect exposure exterior wood components, soles and kit parts. Catalina Interior Varnish is non-flammable and ...
by Jeffrey Hare on 03/12 02:06PM - Story - 8,685 Hits
49. How to Convert the C320 Table into a Round One
It just wasn't practical for us as it restricted use of the settee. So it was off to the local Home Center where we purchased a round ash table top that had a bevel cut into it. I then stained it using a one part polyurethane stain that matched the ...
by Jeffrey Hare on 03/12 01:58PM - Story - 5,284 Hits
50. Trouble Logging In?
If you're having difficulty logging into this website, there are a couple likely problems. Ensure that your password is entered correctly. The initial passwords that were sent to you will be a short string of digits and letters. Some of these ...
by Jeffrey Hare on 10/01 07:51PM - Story - 5,667 Hits
51. Website Member Account Tips
In order to make this website easier to access and more friendly, here are a few tips. The passwords generated by this website if you forget yours, or just created a new account are not what I'd really consider friendly and easy to ...
by Jeffrey Hare on 08/30 08:35PM - Story - 4,308 Hits
52. Catalina 320 Association Burgees Available
News Flash!! Official C320IA burgees make a great gift! These are 12" x 18" Pennant style with our logo correctly reading on both sides. The blue and teal colors replicate the accent stripes found on the ...
by Jeffrey Hare on 11/30 02:10PM - Story - 6,430 Hits
53. Testing Speed Transducer
Tag: diagnostics electronics Marine Transducers How do I test an Airmar paddle-wheel speed sensor? The speed function of our sensors ...
by Jeffrey Hare on 11/30 02:57PM - Story - 8,996 Hits
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